Personalized wedding bands, and engagement rings. Black uncut diamonds, grey raw diamonds. Choose your own custom gemstones with your own personal hand stamped engravings in 925 sterling silver or 14k gold. 

Choose semi precious gemstones from topaz, amethyst, peridot, garnet, aquamarine, emerald, alexandrite, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, opal or diamonds.

All of my gold and sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted by myself and I am confident you will cherish every item.

Originally born in Canada, Gregory always had a sense for adventure.

So after graduating from University he embarked on a journey that took him to all corners of the globe.

Settling in Bali, Indonesia for nearly two decades he learned and experienced the silver and gold trade.

After meeting his Sydney born wife, he and his family moved to Australia, and finally settled in Byron Bay.

I have had decades of experience in the art of crafting gold and sterling silver jewelry and my experience has been handed down to me from generations of gold and silver smithing. All my creations are handcrafted to perfection and no detail has been missed.

All my gold and silver is tested and every single item is stamped. I guarantee all my gold and silver or your money back.

My gemstones are imported from all different corners of the world and all the best chosen by eye just for you.

Every single one of my pieces has been uniquely designed by myself, with inspiration from around the world. 

I am confident you will cherish every item and I thank you for all your support.

Gregory G Hall

Gregory G Hall